Ultimate Guard - Playmat - ChromiaSkin Aurorean

Ultimate Guard - Playmat - ChromiaSkin Aurorean

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Ultimate Guard - Playmat - ChromiaSkin Aurorean

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The extremely smooth and heat-sensitive ChromiaSkin™ surface material brings its amazing color-changing effects to Ultimate Guard PlayMats and adds an extraordinary look and feel. Available in various color options.

Heat-sensitive material that changes it's color wherever you touch it. Your hands will leave prints, which create amazing new patterns and looks every time you touch the surface. The prints will fade after a while and the mat will go back to it's initial, monochromatic look.*

Soft-touch surface:
The innovative ChromiaSkin™ material has an incredibly smooth and silky-soft feel to it.

- Protects gaming cards and accessories during gameplay!
- Extra thick! 2 mm Mat
- Soft cushioned PlayMat
- Anti-slip backside for maximum gaming grip
- Natural rubber
- Size: approx. 61 x 35 cm

*The higher the difference in temperature between the room and your hands, the stronger the color changing effect can be seen. The initial color of the material will get lighter at temperatures above 26°C / 79°F.

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